1. Regular national flag

Regular national flagThe following description of the Icelandic national flag is given in Article 1 of the Flag Act No. 34/1944: “The blue hoist sections are square and the blue fly sections are the same width as the two squares, but twice as long. The red cross should be set in the centre of the white cross to form white stripes of an equal width along its sides. The width of the red cross should be 1/9 of the width of the flag, and the white stripes half as wide, i.e. 1/18 of the width of the flag.”

The Flag Act states that the flag colours are “sky blue,” fire red” and “snow white.” To dispel any doubt concerning the colours, the SCOTDIC standard is now used as a reference, as stated in Announcement No. 6/1991 on the Icelandic Flag issued by the Prime Minister.

When printing the flag, every effort must be made to achieve the correct colours, but since they print differently depending on the type of paper, specific standards are difficult to proscribe.

Announcement No. 6/1991 states that details of the flag colours are provided by the Prime Minister's Office and Icelandic embassies abroad. Furthermore, the flag in its correct colours and proportions shall be on display in the National Museum of Iceland and in police stations.

2. State flag

State flagThe state flag (swallowtail flag) is the regular national flag with a swallowtail at the fly end. It differs from the national flag in that its fly end sections are three times the length of the hoist sections, with the fly end cut along straight lines drawn from its corners towards its centre line to intersect the inside border between the fly end sections at the point where 4/7 of their outer length and 3/7 of their inner length meet. The red cross is cut perpendicularly where these lines meet its arm.

3. Presidential flag

The flag of the President of Iceland is the state flag (swallowtail) figuring the Icelandic coat of arms where the arms of the cross meet, with shield bearers on a white rectangular field.

4. Customs flag

Customs flagThe customs flag is the state flag with a capital T (the Icelandic word for customs is “Tollur”) in the centre of the canton. The T-form is silver. The height of the T is half the width of the canton.