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Government Coalition Co-operation Statement by the Social Democratic Alliance and Left-Green Movement


The government coalition of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement has been formed to ensure economic and social stability, and to seek national unity on Iceland’s path to reconstruction – a new stability pact.

The positive co-operation of the two parties in the previous coalition has formed the basis for the new government. In just over 80 days, a foundation has been laid enabling the country to shift from retreat to advance in most areas of endeavour, despite the exceptionally difficult circumstances which prevail in Iceland and in the global economy.

In the national elections just concluded, a majority of voters gave social democratic and left-wing parties a clear mandate to continue, and to prioritise new values of equality, social justice, solidarity, sustainable development, gender equality, moral reform and democracy in Iceland. The new government, guided by these values, aims at creating a Nordic welfare society in Iceland, where collective interests take precedence over particular interests. Foremost among its tasks is to revive confidence in the domestic community and rebuild Iceland’s international reputation.

The coalition will promote open government, increased transparency and democratic reform. It will make every effort to foster in Iceland an open and creative environment, comparable to the best in neighbouring European countries in both economic terms and in the quality of life. In this regard we look especially to our Nordic sister nations.

As the economic recession continues throughout the world, the situation could clearly deteriorate further still before the tide turns. It is equally evident that the nation's economy will not automatically get back on track – to achieve this society needs to work together to resolve the problem. Everyone must make a contribution, and in proportion to his or her capacity. This government will not pass on the problem to those members of the community who are least well off, nor place the burden on the shoulders of our children by postponing action. Every effort will be made to protect low-income earners and those who are most vulnerable, and to distribute the burden fairly, equitably and justly.

If the government’s economic and fiscal plans are successfully implemented, there is a good possibility of acceptable economic growth, low inflation, a stable currency and lower unemployment by the end of its term. In parallel to this reconstruction, it is important to devote a concerted effort, at all levels of society, toward laying the foundation for renewed economic advance and a better society, one which will rank among the best in creating value, prosperity, welfare and real quality of life.

The government formed by the Social Democratic Alliance and Left-Green Movement intends to be a Nordic welfare government in the truest sense of the word.


Full texti of the Statement.

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